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There are several benefits for using Energy Saving Curtains on your windows:
  • A Lined Curtain will help keep cold out and block unwanted sun rays. The lining will also provide an extra layer to your fabric to protect the color and pattern of your curtains from the sun.
  • Blackout/Room Darkening Curtains will block out any excess light that might normally filter through your curtain. These curtains are designed to save energy, while blocking the sun.
  • Thermal Curtains have a thick lining that will provide maximum heat insulation for your home and keep cold out in the winter and help maintain a cooler temperature in the summer. These curtains are a great cost-effective option and also energy saving.

Anna Pinch Pleat Pair


Brighton Foamback Grommet


Carter-Grommet Foamback


Colorado Foamback


Devon Thermal








Taylor Lined Grommet