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Newspaper Advertisement, October 17, 1956
Ad from October 17, 1956
(Became Marburn in 1962)

Cliffside Park

Cliffside Park, 1950s

ESOP Company of the Year  2007



 Excerpt from The Record, 11/17/99

Empower your work force and great things will begin to happen, says Bernard Hinden.

Started in 1956 as a single department in Union City’s Sloan’s-Home Fair store, Marburn Curtains has grown to become a chain of 21 home furnishings outlets in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

But rather than take all the credit, the founder and chief executive of Marburn prefers to share the limelight with the other owners of the company–all 250 of them.

Marburn, based in Fairview, adopted an employee stock ownership plan 23 years ago, transforming employees into employee-owners and heightening productivity.

“I’m not just looked at as the boss”, Hinden says. “I am a member of a team of bosses. We have no egos running around. Everybody is right on target for the bottom line.”

The ESOP has been a success, Hinden says. “It’s the American way. What could be better than everybody having a piece of the action? We are masters of our own destinies.”

According to the ESOP Association, there are about 10,000 ESOPs nationally. Marburn is one of 200 ESOPs in New Jersey, and is one of the few 100 percent employee-owned retail ESOP in the state.

Q. What products do you offer?

A. We are experts in curtains, draperies and window treatments. We carry a complete line of home furnishings. We buy off-price goods from major department stores, from the big boxes, from manufacturer overruns, from catalogs, and that’s intermixed with regular merchandise.

Q. Why did you choose an ESOP for Marburn Stores?

A. Our goal was the transfer of ownership from myself to the employees, or associates. I felt that it was the proper thing to do to have all my associates in the business have a vested interest in Marburn.

Q. How has the business benefited from the ESOP?

A. There is loyalty and a feeling of ownership among all of the ESOP owners. And that has paid many dividends to the company. We find that our turnover is a heck of a lot less, and the desire to have a successful company has increased.

Q. What does being an ESOP mean for your employees?

A. It means that they get security, because at retirement age they will turn over their shares and be paid out their monies in a pre-described way.

Q. Does the customer benefit?

A. Our people have pride in their store and provide better service because they have part-ownership. They will take care of customers, they are attentive, and they are polite and informative.